Tired Parents. Really, really, really tired parents.

Funny thing about blogging about being tired. When the babies stop sleeping, and you stop sleeping the few short hours you were previously sleeping, the writing stops.

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People, I am fried.  The baby is teething and has pretty much stopped sleeping.  I don’t mean to compare him to a baby who has merely stopped sleeping through the night.  No.  HOOBOY.  NO.  I mean, he never slept through the night and is now waking up more often for longer periods.

(Seriously, the three year old just NOW sleeps through the night most of the time.)

Simon, the 13 month old, is taking forever to fall asleep.  Then he sleeps for a few hours while I frantically work.  (I work from home.)  Then when I’m ready to try to sleep, he wakes up.  Forever and an hour later, he falls back asleep.  I lie down for 25 to 35 minutes until he wakes up.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

I’m t.i.r.ed.