Sleep and sickness

When our kids are sick, we actually get more sleep.  I know, weird right?  But it’s due to them being exhausted and sometimes, like this time, due to medication.  Oliver is better and just fine.  The baby, Simon, is still battling a cold but hopefully it’s on its last dregs.  To help him breathe at night, we have a warm mist vaporizer in his room, his crib elevated, Olbas Oil on his chest, and yes, a dose of Benadryl.

Image source

I do try to use non-medication tactics before giving meds to my kids.  Even for a fever, we try to let the body do its job before we pull out the medication to lower it.  We offer good nutrition, some sunshine each day, and lots of water.  But at night, when we are all already sleep deprived on a daily basis, I just want them to be able to sleep.  They can’t heal if they can’t sleep.

Annnnd Simon just presented with hives (strawberries from lunch? sickness?  grass from outside?).  Wish me luck.


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