Preparing for a Family Vacation: Lodging (with a free printable!)

So, we’re taking this circus on the road.  And in the skies.  Yep, we’re taking four of our five children on vacation (the oldest has a job she can’t get away from and it is good and sad and wonderful and you know, kids and growing up and love and so on).  We are even taking the non-sleepers because we believe in travel.  Okay, I believe in travel.  I specifically believe in kids and travel.

2013 118

A two year old’s viewpoint while traveling around town

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I’m writing this at 1:55am.  I am a mama of five, with two little ones with sleep problems.  I work from home, meaning that wayyyy too many nights, like tonight, I started work at 11:30pm.  I’m done with work for the night, because TIRED.  But you know, can’t just fall asleep because of the anticipation of when one of the two will wake me up.  Will it be ten minutes or two whole hours?  Which one will it be?

2013-03-15 07.56.48

This one.  It’s going to be this one.

If you are also a sleep-deprived parent, high five of solidarity to you tonight.